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Emergency Visit for LoveJoy

This weeks weather changes brought about an emergency visit for LoveJoy. He has a mild impaction together with a gas colic. Fluids run, and will get rechecked and more mineral oil this afternoon.
Any financial help with this unexpected emergency visit, no matter the amount, will be received with extreme gratitude!
Emergency visits are a huge drain on our finances and without your help we couldn’t do it.

Thank You Team Redeem-Chester

We had a wonderful visit from Team Redeem-Chester NY tonight. They arrived with the very best of goodies for our growing cat population!
Thank you so much to Julie and Chris for taking time to include us in their very special and worthy program.
All our cats are thrilled with all the new goodies!

*** Great American Weekend ***

A BIG thank you to everyone who came out and supported us during the Great American Weekend in Goshen. In the two day period we raised $3050 for the care and maintenance of our Iron Horse Sanctuary animals!

One of our barn walls proudly displays the patriotic stars that children sponsored at the Great American Weekend. These children know the importance of liberty and independence! What a lovely way to celebrate the day.

Thank you to those who came and stopped at our table to say hi or gather information about us. Thank you to everyone who helped make this event possible!
Please keep an eye on our Facebook page for our next event at Maskers Apple Orchard.

Emergency Cat Intake

We had an emergency intake of seven cats, of which two were expecting kittens. All will be in need of spay and neuter.

One of the queens gave birth to three kittens at the sanctuary.

We are in desperate need of wet and dry food, Slide cat litter, cat beds, food bowls and cat toys.

Donations can be dropped at the farm and can be left on the front porch.

Monetary donations are very much appreciated for the vetting that they will require. Click the button below to make a donation for the cats.

Emergency Call

We received an emergency call from our Amish connection upstate.

A teenage standardbred named Zinger was in a road traffic accident pulling a buggy. He went down and the shaft penetrated his chest.

We took a small trailer up this morning and picked him up. We are currently on our way home where the vet will meet us this evening.

We would like to start a fundraiser to cover his immediate veterinary costs. Anything you can donate will go towards his vet care.

Sponsorship is a Great Gift Idea

What better gift than one that brings happiness and supports a great cause at the same time.

Consider purchasing a sponsorship of one of our animals for someone you love.

For more information please visit our Home in My Heart Sponsorship Page.

Thank you from LoveJoy!

This little guy was thrown away at auction before he had reached a year old. He is the product of reckless backyard breeding and this is all too often reflected in the amount of unwanted youngsters dumped at high risk auction houses.
In 10 months he has blossomed into a well behaved, sweet, curious and loving youngster. We want to continue this good behavior pattern and great attitude by eliminating his production of testosterone.


We have completed LoveJoy’s Gelding because of your support. He is recovering well. For all that have donated or spread the word, we truly appreciate you.


Welcome to Iron Horse Sanctuary

Iron Horse Merch Is Here!

You Can now purchase t-shirts and hoodies to support Iron Horse Sanctuary in ending animal cruelty.

Please note this is a campaign and orders will ship monthly.


Choose Iron Horse Sanctuary as your charity on Amazon Smile – It doesn’t cost you anything – all proceeds are donated by Amazon.  Click the link below to get set up!


Being a member of the United Horse Coalition will broaden our network and allow us to reach and rescue more at risk horses.

Help Our Cause

Iron Horse Sanctuary is a 501c3 non-profit that is an all volunteer group dedicated to the rescue of horses.

We use PayPal for our donations, you do not need an account to donate. You may also choose to make your donation recurring on the PayPal donation form.

If donating by check, please send to:

Iron Horse Sanctuary, Inc. @ Brookfields Farm
PO Box 355
Goshen, NY 10924

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