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Our first ever Hay Drive!

Iron Horse Sanctuary is a 100% volunteer based animal rescue located on 17A and Pulaski Highway in Goshen, NY.

We are home to over 50 animals, 30 of which are equines. Due to Covid, our fundraising efforts have been extremely limited – and we need help with hay. We are holding Iron Horse Sanctuary’s first ever hay drive – and any amount you can donate will help!

Thank you from all of the fur creatures at Iron Horse Sanctuary!

Welcome to Iron Horse Sanctuary

Meet Misty and Buster

Our goal of intercepting at risk horses before they hit the auction floor is coming to fruition. We’ve spent several years working with an Amish community in upstate New York, building a relationship where we can offer them an option other than shipping to slaughter. This allows our farm to rescue the animal before it’s exposed to the stress and filth of shipping trailers and several auction houses.
It allows us to prevent the likelihood of them going to Canada or Mexico for slaughter. We are cutting out the middle man…the kill buyer. In return we’re getting clean horses. Animals that have spent a lifetime on the same farm. It may surprise you to know that often the horse has been with the same family for 15 plus years and the children cry when the horse leaves. Some do care and are willing to work with us. It’s a cultural difference in opinions but through this relationship we bring about awareness, re-educate and give them an option, other than shipping to auction.
Buster is a 17yr old saddlebred/Morgan

Missy is a 19 year old saddlebred

Be Like an Iron Horse Swag Is Here!

You Can now purchase t-shirts and hoodies and support Iron Horse Sanctuary in ending animal cruelty.

Be Like an Iron Horse Hats are Here!

You Can now purchase hats and support Iron Horse Sanctuary in ending animal cruelty.


Choose Iron Horse Sanctuary as your charity on Amazon Smile – It doesn’t cost you anything – all proceeds are donated by Amazon.  Click the link below to get set up!


Being a member of the United Horse Coalition will broaden our network and allow us to reach and rescue more at risk horses.

Help Our Cause

You can also donate via Venmo under Iron Horse Sanctuary, Inc. Goshen NY. 

If donating by check send to:

Iron Horse Sanctuary, Inc. @ Brookfields Farm
PO Box 355
Goshen, NY 10924