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Hudson Valley Gives Day is here!

May 15th is Hudson Valley Gives Day!

Today is the day for everyone in our community to GIVE BIG!

 You can learn more about Hudson Valley Gives and support our campaign by clicking on the link…/iron-horse-sanctuary-inc

This is our fourth year of participating and we would love to reach our goals today!

100% of the proceeds will go to the many animals that call IHS home!

We are always so grateful for your support!

Latest Happenings

Mojo needs our support!

You all remember Mojo, the Morgan who spent nearly seven years confined to his stall.
Literally, as the adoption paperwork was being finalized he hurt himself on turnout.
The injury is major and he has to be confined in a straight stall for 6 to 10 weeks. It’s a matter of giving him a fighting chance or euthanasia.
His vet costs will be high, especially with the costs of radiographs and numerous rechecks.
We would like to start a fundraiser for him so the sanctuary can help cover the majority of his veterinarian bills.
We are grateful for anyone’s help.
Thanking you all on behalf of Mojo in advance.
All donations are tax deductible!

4 Horses Get Redemption at Iron Horse Sanctuary

4 horses locked in their stalls since 2017 finally get redemption with Iron Horse Sanctuary.

Six long years locked away in stalls. No turnout, no contact with other animals. Day and night in solitary confinement.

Deprived of contact and sight with any other horses they relied on their hearing for herd comfort. A torturous existence for such beautiful creatures. They are safe now.

The thoroughbred stallion (Pip) suffered the most as his poor body slowly deteriorated and most of his muscle wasted away. He was barely able to turn his body in his tiny stall.

We are facing major care and veterinary bills with the stallion Pip. He is one of four horses rescued from Montrose, PA. Their plight was awful and no other rescues contacted in PA and NY were able to step up for them. We are full at IHS but we made room for the two critical cases and fostered the other two to a kind individual in upstate NY.

We welcome any donation of any size. Every penny will help Pip and Thor on their road to recovery. Please visit and click on the donate button. We also welcome checks to our 2155 State Route 17A Goshen Ny address!


Great American Weekend 2023!

Come and visit our booth at the Great American Weekend event in Goshen, NY.
This year we have merch! Tshirts, key rings and thermal cups!
Bring the kids for a pony ride. It’s a great community event that you’re sure to enjoy!

Jasmine has been adopted!

Today Jasmine the pony went to her new home.

She is with our good friend Katie R. who has two other ponies from Iron Horse Sanctuary. Thank you Katie for all your support.

Jasmine and Mouse were so excited to be reunited. Mouse was calling for Jasmine as soon as she stepped off the trailer. It shows that they never forget each other!

We would like to give our heartfelt gratitude to all that supported Mary Elena Moran at her ‘Partnership Improvement’ clinic.

Held in support of Iron Horse Sanctuary, INC. it generated a whopping $1885 in donations.

We are absolutely thrilled at the turn out and support shown but most of all we need to thank Mary Elena. Without her it wouldn’t have been possible. Thank you Mare! We love you!

Today we welcomed students and teachers from Orange Ulster Boces

We could not have asked for better weather today as we welcomed students and teachers from Orange Ulster Boces.
Each student donated a can of cat food in the spirit of giving. They toured the sanctuary by tractor drawn wagon and did lots of meet and greet with our many sanctuary animals.
Before leaving, each student wrote one word on a star to describe their visit. Happy and fun were the words of the day!

Thank You Team Redeem-Chester

We had a wonderful visit from Team Redeem-Chester NY tonight. They arrived with the very best of goodies for our growing cat population!
Thank you so much to Julie and Chris for taking time to include us in their very special and worthy program.
All our cats are thrilled with all the new goodies!

Sponsorship is a Great Gift Idea

What better gift than one that brings happiness and supports a great cause at the same time.

Consider purchasing a sponsorship of one of our animals for someone you love.

For more information please visit our Home in My Heart Sponsorship Page.

Amazon Wishlist

Amazon is a great way to get much needed supplies delivered directly to the farm. It’s fast and easy.

We have created our spring wishlist with Amazon that includes everyday items that we are in desperate need of.

We thank you in advance!

Thank you from LoveJoy!

This little guy was thrown away at auction before he had reached a year old. He is the product of reckless backyard breeding and this is all too often reflected in the amount of unwanted youngsters dumped at high risk auction houses.
In 10 months he has blossomed into a well behaved, sweet, curious and loving youngster. We want to continue this good behavior pattern and great attitude by eliminating his production of testosterone.


We have completed LoveJoy’s Gelding because of your support. He is recovering well. For all that have donated or spread the word, we truly appreciate you.

Welcome to Iron Horse Sanctuary


Being a member of the United Horse Coalition will broaden our network and allow us to reach and rescue more at risk horses.

Help Our Cause

Iron Horse Sanctuary is a 501c3 non-profit that is an all volunteer group dedicated to the rescue of horses.

We use PayPal for our donations, you do not need an account to donate. You may also choose to make your donation recurring on the PayPal donation form.

If donating by check, please send to:

Iron Horse Sanctuary, Inc. @ Brookfields Farm
PO Box 355
Goshen, NY 10924

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