Who We Are

Kay O'Hanlon Myruski

As a teenager growing up in the seventies my life was filled with animals. Dogs, cats, horses, chickens, the occasional fox. We didn’t use the catch words of today like ‘Save’ or ‘Rescue’, we just ‘helped’ and we ‘just did it’. My father was my mentor, his reputation for helping horses preceded him. He was a mighty letter writer with a mantra of ‘The pen is mightier than the sword’. A mantra that proved to be effective. Beginning in the nineteen sixties, when I was a child, he helped stop the live shipment of horses from Ireland to Europe. He brought public awareness of the attacks by soccer hooligans on many police horses at soccer matches, this in turn led to the development of riot gear to protect those police horses. He did numerous acts of untold kindness, events that weren’t shared publicly as the advent of the internet came much later in his life. He was a letter writer and campaigner for the rights of all animals. 

That need to make a difference was instilled in me and I grew up knowing about the cruelty that horses endured in foreign countries and was horrified that those same cruelties were being carried out in my home country of England. I made it my mission to continue to follow my father’s lead and continue down this path. Our family home was a safe haven to many unwanted and forgotten animals. Even after I moved to the USA in 1990 I continued to help animals and that brings me to the present. 

It’s in my blood. Generations of horsemen and women run through my veins. It’s inherent, it can’t be taught, it just is. I liken it to inheriting the family business, it’s just part of what I do. Someone once asked me how many animals I have rescued. My reply is “I don’t know, I don’t count. All I know is I can never help enough”.

Iron Horse Sanctuary has been formed to continue my mission of helping animals and giving them the very best gift I can, the gift of a peaceful life, free of cruelty, abuse and fear.

Our strength is reflected in our name.

Barbara Fontaine

I have been an advocate for creatures big and small since I could walk. I am the person who picks up worms, bugs, turtles, frogs, and snakes when I am running or driving – off of the road so they don’t get run over. I spend a tremendous amount of time lobbying and petitioning for animal rights, doing what I can to help those without a voice.  I couldn’t be more excited to put my talents toward a better cause.

I have a broad 26-year agricultural background in sales operations, supply chain management, balanced scorecards and strategic management.  I have managed and measured customer service & distribution efficiencies, performance and profitability.  I have the skill set to make a difference for our animals by creating and managing a long-term sustainable financial platform.

Nothing exceptional is accomplished by one person. It takes a village of people to achieve real success and change.  I am grateful to be a part of such an incredible community at Iron Horse Sanctuary.

Jane Gyulavary

I bring more than 30 years of experience as a New York Public Relations Executive and Fashion Editor to the new venture as Director of Donor and Public Relations to Iron Horse Sanctuary, Inc. 

I began my career as a fashion editor for Oui Magazine, Attenzione Magazine and Australian Vogue, and finally as the fashion and beauty editor of Working Woman Magazine. I have worked with some of the world’s top photographers and art directors including Helmut Newton and Jean Paul Goude, producing photo shoots throughout Europe, Australia and the Caribbean. My creative editorial direction was recognized with an Atrium Award in the special monthly article “One Woman Style.”

I have coordinated numerous press events for the New York public relations office of Dallas-based The Hart Agency’s fashion and beauty clients utilizing Manhattan’s finest florists, caterers, restaurants and hotels.

As a widow of 9/11, I know tragedy, abandonment, and survival.  I am an animal advocate and will not put my talents and efforts toward anything that doesn’t serve a significant purpose.  Being a part of the Iron Horse Sanctuary team brings all of this full circle.