What We Do

We attend many low end, high kill auctions. Often we help end of life animals. Those that are crippled, semi blind, severely injured and that would suffer greatly from transportation out of the country. It’s common to see horses consigned to auction that defy Ag & Mkts rule. We try to help those animals as their need is often overlooked. These are the animals we bring home and give a dignified end.

We also focus on adoptable animals that through owner hardship and no fault of their own have ended up getting dumped. These are often the most easily adoptable animals. We give priority to youngsters that could have a good future. It’s a finite balance.

Once back at the farm they are given a medical evaluation by our veterinarian/board member. This intake procedure allows us to format a plan to go forward. Often with an older horse it can be a short term goal of comfort and end of life care. With an animal that has been severely neglected and lacking condition it can be a refeed program, veterinary attention and farrier.

Through our daily work with our equines we formulate a list of adoptable, non adoptable, end of life, golden oldies, need to grow and maintenance. After a one month QT period we can start evaluation and suitability. By this time the personalities start to come through. We can do evaluation under saddle, ground driving and schooling. This allows us to identify the unique personalities and the homes/adoptions that may prove suitable.

We don’t want horses to become a tapestry of sanctuary life. They need to be in loving homes where they are another persons number one. The golden oldies and end of lifers are given automatic sanctuary if they are deemed unadoptable. Our programs aims to place our horses and mules in their own loving homes. However, they remain sanctuary animals that have a lifetime right to come back to Iron Horse.

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