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Amazon Wishlist

Amazon is a great way to get much needed supplies delivered directly to the farm. It’s fast and easy.

We have created our spring wishlist with Amazon that includes everyday items that we are in desperate need of.

We thank you in advance!

You can ship any of the items below directly to the Sanctuary or call us and bring them by! We also have an Amazon Wishlist available to make it easy to send us something.

UPS & FedEx

Iron Horse Sanctuary, Inc @ Brookfields Farm.
2155 NY State Route 17A
Goshen, NY 10924


Iron Horse Sanctuary, Inc. @ Brookfields Farm
PO Box 355
Goshen, NY 10924

New Or Gently Used Horse Blankets

  • Water Proof Medium fill Blankets work best!
  • Sizes Needed: 72, 75, 78, and 86

Feed, Loose Minerals and Natural Feed Supplements

  • Senior Feed 50lb bags – Purina or Nutrena
  • Hay Stretcher 50lb bags – Purina Impact Hay Stretcher
  • Himalayan Salt Blocks or Redford Salt Blocks for stalls
  • 50lb Mineral Blocks & 50lb Selenium Blocks for Turnout / Fields
  • Linseed – Lots of it! We use this a lot as we boil it with barley for our twice weekly bran mash nights!
  • Corn Oil – great for adding fat to their diet

Treatments/ Medicines

  • Horse Dewormers: Safeguard, Panacur, Quest Plus, Ivermectin Gold

Barn Supplies

  • Tough-1 Original Hay Hoops Collapsible Wall Hay Feeder with Net
  • Flat Back Water Buckets for Stalls
  • Feed Tubs – Circular ones that hang from stall gate with double ended strap so they are easy to wash
  • Orvis Shampoo for Horses
  • Fly Masks with ears – all sizes
  • Fly Strips & Fly Papers
  • Barn Floor Fans

For Questions or More Information
Feel free to contact us!


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