Home In My Heart

Iron Horse Sanctuary presents Home In My Heart Sponsorship program

Your sponsorship helps us to continue our presence at auctions and increases our ability to rescue at risk horses, along with those that have been neglected, abandoned, or are headed to slaughter and provide vital care.

Fixed costs of hay, grain, hoof & dental care, together with vaccines and deworming are a heavy draw on our limited funds. Our rescued horses often need costly diagnostics, treatments, surgeries, emergency and occasionally end of life palliative care. Our need for your support is as great as ever. The cost of care for each Iron horse varies widely. We have the tiniest of ponies to the largest of draft horses and mules. Each animal has their own specific requirements and it can cost between $125 to $275 each month just for basic care. An unseen emergency can run into the high hundreds just for one veterinarian visit.

We rely heavily on your help to cover these costs for our horses.

Our Home in My Heart Sponsorship Program is a monthly or annual donation you make in honor of your chosen horse. We have five levels of sponsorship, gold, silver, bronze, Shining Star and Treat Bucket. Each level has a starting amount but you may sponsor any horse at any level or any amount you choose. No donation is too small; every dollar goes a long way to helping.

GOLD Sponsor, Starting at $250+/mo.: As a sole sponsor of your chosen horse your donation will fund all expenses for the basic care of your horse, including feed and routine care costs. You will receive monthly photos/videos updates, a sponsorship certificate and acknowledgement on our Home in My Heart page.

SILVER Sponsor, $175 a month: Be a part of your chosen horses life by contributing to their basic care. Receive a sponsorship certificate and acknowledgement on our Home in My Heart page.

BRONZE Sponsor, $125 a month. Receive acknowledgement on our Home In My Heart page.

SHINING STAR Sponsor, $50 Sponsor your chosen horse in honor of a loved one. Acknowledgement on our shining star page.

TREAT BUCKET SPONSOR, Sponsorship of any amount less than $50 per month will help fill our horse and cat treat buckets! Throw in any amount you feel comfortable with and it will buy snacks for our horses and feline friends!

Love Cats?
We also have a Cats Meow Sponsorship program for $40 a month. Choose one of our barn cats and be their sole monthly or yearly sponsor. Receive photos, videos and updates of your chosen cat along with a sponsorship certificate. The Cat’s Meow makes a great gift for friends and family!

  • All sponsorship funds donated are held in our operating account. Should your chosen horse get adopted you can choose another worthy horse to be your Home in My Heart equine.
  • Sponsors can choose to donate monthly or yearly.
  • All sponsorship payments are considered donations and you will receive a donation receipt for tax purposes.
  • There are no refunds for sponsorship payments.

If you would like to become one of our important sponsors, choose your horse or cat, complete our Home In My Heart form and return via email or post.  Any Questions? Email ourteam@ironhorsesanctuary.org

The ideal way to make your monthly or annual sponsorship donation is via check. Alternatively, you can subscribe to a recurring monthly payment through PayPal but we are charged a transaction fee.

Our Sponsors

Thank you Maria Tsirkas for sponsoring Rubicon.

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