About the Sanctuary

Iron Horse Sanctuary, Inc

Located in Goshen NY, Iron Horse Sanctuary is situated on 164 acres of pastoral farmland only 55 miles from New York City.

Our mission is very simple, to improve equine welfare standards and stamp out animal suffering and cruelty.

Our horses are saved from auction, owner surrendered or taken from abusive or neglectful situations. We give rescue, rehabilitation, adoption and if necessary, permanent sanctuary to all equines.

Iron Horse works within our local community to offer sanctuary to numerous feral and semi feral cats.

Many of our animals arrive here broken, defeated and scared. Over time we rebuild their trust, repair them physically and mentally and allow them to live in herds, as nature intended.

We have a tenacity to educate and bring together our local community so that they may experience the human to horse relationship and by doing so improve the plight that many of America’s horses face every day.

After all, charity begins at home!

‘Our strength is in our name’

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