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Bentley is an Aged Standardbred gelding who ended his racing career abruptly and went into service with the Amish. RC Dignity went through many homes before landing in upstate NY pulling a buggy. We did a direct pull from the Amish farm and gave this regal boy the fitting name of Bentley!


Photo and story of Blaze coming soon! 


Hetty came to us several years ago from the same hoarder in upstate NY that we got Pirate from. At that time she was part of a large, underfed and severely neglected herd. She was one of the lucky ones. Hetty has a beautiful, gentle disposition and is a favorite at pony rides. Her specialty is giving disabled children rides. She has tremendous patience and her big heart shines when she’s giving rides! Hetty needs daily thyroid meds to help with her Equine Metabolic Syndrome. People mistake her for being fat but this is actually part of her EMS condition.


We’ve spent several years working with an Amish community in upstate New York, building a relationship where we can offer them an option other than shipping to slaughter. Missy is a 19 year old saddlebred who came to us from this community.


I picked this sweet little grey mare that was doing her best to move under saddle with a rough rider with heavy hands, from a Kill Pen in Bastrop LA.  There was just something about her. No matter how brutally hard the rider was she did her best to please.  She is an aged horse worked to the bone.  She was very skinny and loaded with parasites. She is an amazing little mare and great riding horse, we are elated that she can live the rest of her life here peacefully at our Sanctuary.


Pirate came to us from a hoarder in upstate New York. He was underweight, loaded with parasites and not very well handled. He came with little to no history other than he was thought to ride and drive. We have used Pirate for pony rides and he’s a good boy. A little untrusting at times but he has a really good brain and soon comes around!


Beverly came from an Amish Farm in NY.  She has low ringbone in her left front. We took her as we didn’t want to see her ship to New Holland for auction. She would definitely have been on a one-way trip to a slaughter house had she run through an auction sale.


A thoroughbred ousted because he wasn’t fast enough – Kay outbid a meat buyer at the Unadilla NY Auction for $400.  He was covered in rain rot that even affected his eyes and face. As we treated his rain rot the hair peeled off leaving oozing sores caused by this painful fungus infection.  Had Kay not saved Sculpin he would have gone to Canada or Mexico for slaughter.


A seventeen-year-old morgan pony, standing 14.2 hands.  Star spent his entire life pulling a buggy for the Amish.  We took him because we didn’t want to see him go to auction.  An Amish friend of mine told me about Star before his owners sent him to New Holland Sales Auction and I agreed to take him in.


Tal came from New Holland Kill Pen.  He never ran through the auction, as he was a Thoroughbred who was meant to disappear to Mexico. The owner or trainer sold the colt to a kill buyer who Kay has dealt with over the years. He was destined for slaughter in Mexico without anyone knowing about it.  He was a racing horse – and the owner/trainer did not want anyone to know they were sending him to slaughter.


Pearl was so tiny when we got her.  She lived with a family for about a year as a house pet but soon grew too large to live in their house anymore.  She lives peacefully on our farm and is a beautiful member of our sanctuary.


Pumpkin has been Adopted!

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